Personalizing Our House: Artwork

I'm a true believer that the details are what really take a great house and turn it into to a home.  One of the easiest ways to personalize a house is through artwork. I have artwork all over our house that is extremely personal and unique, and the art pieces do a great job indicating that this isn't just any house- it's our home!

Personalized Artwork #1: Purple Power

Our high school colors were purple and black, and hubby's college colors were purple and black. The color palette is what gives these two illustrations their nickname, and both scenes capture different times in our life. Both drawings were gifts from my best friend's mom, who commissioned an artist friend to draw them for me. The first one was a high school graduation gift and captures BFF and myself sitting on the bleachers in our volleyball uniforms. Years later she got the same artist to draw the scene when hubby proposed to me after his football game, and she gave it to us as a wedding gift. It was definitely one of my favorite wedding gifts because it was so thoughtful and will always remind me of one of the best (and most surprising) days of my life. Because the dominant color in each drawing is purple, they look like they were made to be a set. We have them hung in the living room for everyone to see!

Personalized Artwork #2: Nugget Portraits

Some people have portraits of their children in their homes, but we don't have kids. We do have two nuggets, however, so I decided to draw pen and ink portraits of each nugget to display proudly at the house. 

Nugget #1, Shiner

Nugget #2, Rory

Personalized Artwork #3: Guestbook G

When planning our wedding, I came across a lot of ingenious ideas for guest books that wouldn't collect dust on your bookshelf or coffee table. I decided I didn't want a regular guest book either, so I decided to order a giant wooden G and have people sign that instead. I figured we could hang it in our house, and we did! It's one of the first things you see when you come in the front door, and we do get a lot of comments on it. At the very least, it's a good conversation starter. 
*Special shout-out to my brother, who was kind enough to paint the G white for me right before the wedding!*

The "guest book" even got to be in the wedding pictures...

And now it brings a modern touch to our dining room:

I also have a recent addition to the artwork family that I talked about here

What personalizes your house? I'm always looking for fun ideas!

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