Laundry Updates

Our laundry room is small, but it's functional. It's essentially a square closet in our hallway that manages to house the washer and dryer (but thank goodness ours aren't both front-loading or it wouldn't work out well). Here is how it looked when initially toured the house:

I didn't capture it in this picture, but the floor was the same white linoleum found in the kitchen and bathrooms: 

In order to finish flooring the hallway, we needed to put down new floors in the laundry room. The hubby tackled this on Saturday, and it looks so great to have continuous flooring from the hall into the laundry room. Such a small thing, but it makes a big difference.

Here he is scraping up those two terrible layers of linoleum:

Once he started putting down the new floor, I oh-so-generously donated my volleyball kneepads (on the promise that he wouldn't get stuff all over them like he did when he was tiling the bathroom):

Ahh, the floor looks so good!

I have two stories related to this laundry room:

1. When moving out of my old apartment, hubby was able to rig some moving straps using my curtains and used them to lift the washer (and later, the dryer) on his back. He then had to exit, backward, down a flight of stairs while holding the washer on his back. It was an amazing amount of strength and coordination– I was very impressed! Plus, I was standing right below him, guiding him down the stairs, so he had the added pressure of knowing that if he dropped the washer it would totally steamroll me. It is a legendary feat– especially to my roommate's mom, our only witness. 

2. The shoe organizer that I nailed to the wall when we moved in, currently housing all of our cleaning products, is the only organizational solution I have ever come up with of which the hubby approved. He is neat, and I'm the messy one. He was very proud that I even made an attempt to organize something!

Anyway, that's our flooring progress! Onto the next room... 
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