The Land of Knob

Our Black Friday doorknobs were delivered, and we installed them this weekend. They're great quality and we love the way they give the house a current, updated look. Check out the subtle way it changes the front door:

BEFORE, BRASS (and pumpkin-y):

AFTER, OIL-RUBBED BRONZE (and Christmas-y):

Here are some of the other new knobs (replacing the formerly-brass door handles) :

back door (still need to touch up the paint, though)

hall/closet knob

Bed/bath knob

It took me a ridiculous amount of effort to get these knobs on super discount from Lowe's on Black Friday, but they look as good as I hoped. I like them even better when I think about the fact that they were 75% off!

One thing we learned about replacing doorknobs through this process– it's not as easy as you would think. My dad always says that anything related to doors–including doorknobs– is up there on the list of annoying home projects. The new doors never fit like the old one, the knobs aren't locking like the old ones did, etc. Sure enough, these knobs, especially the front entry knob, caused us a few headaches. Luckily for me, the hubby is pretty good at troubleshooting those problems and had the knobs installed pretty quickly. Now we have to get some oil-rubbed bronze door hinges to match the knobs, but that will wait until another day. 

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