Home Tour: New Jersey Cottage

*WARNING: This is a long post (but it's mostly pictures)!*

This is not just any cottage– this is my mom and dad's awesomely cute cottage in Pennington, NJ. They bought it as a fixer upper and sold it as a stylish retreat (on the first day on the market)! Yup, this is their old house that they sold over a year ago, but they did so many great updates that I wanted to share them with you.

My mom has a knack for decorating with beautiful style on a tight budget, and my dad is the hardest working person around. Together they make a great renovation team and have successfully updated each house they lived in (and made a tidy profit on each one). The last two homes have both sold on the first day on the market– I would say that's pretty impressive.

They taught me (and now Scott) everything we know about decorating and renovating. They are amazing bargain hunters who trained me to be the same way. Now we call each other every time we score an amazing deal just to brag and compete over which bargain is better. That's our idea of a good time!

Now, onto the house:
Exterior Views

This was during my Christmas visit, and there was a tiny bit of snow left. Some of these pictures are taken during different times of year, and you'll be able to tell that my mom does a lot of redecorating and rearranging whenever she gets bored.

My dad built the deck himself, and those doors didn't exist before... and how cute is that little staircase he built to the doggy door so their cocker spaniel could reach it?

They also built this patio one weekend, and it changed with my mom's moods. So cute! And my hard-working father built that whole fence, almost an acre, by himself.

They built out this little side entry since it was the door they used all the time.

Interior Views

(Not Christmas)

This living room is a complete add-on to get more livable square footage. My dad and his friend worked on it by themselves. You can hardly see the ceiling, but they did an awesome peaked ceiling with wainscotting using pine planks. It added a ton of charm to the addition. 

They did the fireplace stone themselves, and I was totally in love with it.

(In the upper left corner of those shelves is the notorious purse my mom had made with my picture on it. She used to bring it to my college volleyball games and show it off to my teammates– just to embarrass me, I think.) 

Dining Room (Informal)

(Once again, different looks for different times of year.)

Formal Dining Room


Entry Hall

(I am now the proud owner of this antler lamp- yay for hand-me-downs!)

Master Bedroom & Bath

Originally this bathroom was pink and black and was a shared bathroom between the two upstairs bedrooms, opening into the hallway. They closed the opening, made it only available to the master bedroom and completely renovated it (yup, all by themselves). Suddenly it was a true master suite.

Upstairs Guest Bedroom & Bath

This bathroom didn't exist– it was a weird nook with a closet. They created everything from scratch in here. In total, they either added or completely renovated three bathrooms in this house, one of each bedroom. As a frequent guest, I can attest to the luxury of having one bathroom per room! Here's the other new bathroom:

Downstairs guest bathroom

This home is full of amazing bargains on flooring, patio pavers, bathroom vanities, tile, furniture, etc. My parents would spend their weeknights and weekends hunting at Lowe's, Home Depot and their local Pottery Barn outlet for grossly low prices. Sometimes their finds made me sick! Now I use all their methods and find my own amazing deals

They sold this home over a year ago and joined us back in Texas, and now they are working their magic on their new home. I'm going down for Christmas and will snap some pictures so I can share them here. 

If you have any questions about their house or where they found any of the stuff in it, just leave me a comment and I'll find out for you. 
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