DIY Holiday Decor

I've been in a crafty mood lately, so my house has been gifted with some DIY decorations. These are really simple to do and keep things very budget-friendly.

1. Homemade Birch Wreath

How To: I have been saving these random packages of "birch clippings" that I got on sale at Pottery Barn for three years now, and I finally found a use for them! (I think they were meant to fill vases and whatnot during the holiday season, like potpourri). All I did was hot glue the clippings to a foam wreath form that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The flowers are clips from Target that are meant to decorate Christmas trees, but I thought the wreath needed some colors. Since they have clips on the back, I just clipped them to the bark pieces. Piece of cake!

2. Oversized Ornaments for Front Entry

How To: I made these ornaments the same way I made the ones for my tree. The ornaments forms are cardboard and from Hobby Lobby, and I just Mod-Podged them with paper that I like. The red is wrapping paper, the green/yellow is from a set of Ikea napkins, and the rest are pieces of vintage book pages.  I also added red and green rafia on some of the layers, as well as pearl beads. They're hanging from our front light with fishing wire. 

3. Snowflake Wall Art

How To: This is the easiest project ever. It's just a spin on the wall art I made for our master bedroom.  I bought all these snowflake ornaments at Target and planned to use them on our tree, but the tree was full so I used them this way instead. We have a large, empty space above our hallway entry, so I mimicked the angle of the ceiling and let the snowflakes "flutter" up the wall. They are simply pinned to the wall with clear push pins, as you can see in the picture above. The only other thing I did was cut the strings off the ornaments, since I wouldn't be hanging them. I told you- super easy! (Just FYI: My wall was too hard to push the pins in with just my thumb, so I used a hammer.)

I have some more crafts up my sleeve, but I haven't quite finished them yet...

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