Oh, 2010. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

You will always be the year I married my first love, my prince charming.
You will always be the year we bought our first home.
You will always be the year my husband started his first job.
You will always be the year we made a lot of new friends because of our new home and his new job.
You will always be the year we finally gave the nuggets their first backyard.
You will always be the year we hosted our first Thanksgiving and put up our first xmas tree.
You will always be the year we took our first trip abroad.
You will always be the year I started my first blog.

My dearest 2010, you have been the best year ever. I am forever grateful for the blessings God poured down on us this year and the lessons he taught us along the way.

We have lived in our first home for six months, and we have been working on it nonstop! Here are some of my favorite projects of 2010:

THE FENCE! This beauty, built entirely by my hard-working husband, enables our nuggets to have a safe place to run and play and sunbathe. It is priceless in our books.

THE SHUTTERS!  Super cute on the inside, our home had the charm of a cardboard box on the outside. A couple hours of labor and eight black shutters later, it was actually pretty cute!

New vanity, new faucet, new tile from top to bottom, new floating glass door, new shower head, new paint color, new ceiling vent/light, new toilet paper holder, new toilet seat... the list goes on and on. It looks about a million times better than it did before, and I love it! (Which is really important because it's MY bathroom- hubby is relegated to the guest bath, and he's a good sport about it). 

FLOOR. No more carpet that smells like our dogs, yippee! We love the nuggets, but we don't love the effect they have on carpet, that's for sure. 

OFFICE/STUDIO MAKEOVER: My special place, for all my special junk. :)

Manly Guest Room: Hubby's special place, for all of his special grey and yellow Nike shoes. 

MANTEL. I needed a place for Christmas stockings, and husband made it happen. Love it when he does that.

OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS... I've always dreamed of having my own home to decorate for the holidays, and it was just as fun as I thought it would be.  

KITCHEN FACELIFT! Ok, so this is happening right now. We're making progress. I think we are 60% done, but I think I will include it as a 2010 project because it has been such an exciting project for me the past two days! UPDATE: Done (until next weekend)! Check it out!

I love you, 2010
You've got big shoes to fill, 2011! 

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