What Do I Do With These Gifts?

We got some some really great wedding gifts, but some of my favorites were the fine china and the white dishes. I registered for all white dishes with dreams of having open shelving in my kitchen, a dark wall and some beautiful white dishes stacked just so! We haven't tackled the kitchen remodel yet (well, a few parts of it have been tackled), and it doesn't look like I will have any open shelving. I was desperate for a place to display my new treasures so I began the search for a china cabinet.

One day I was cleaning out the first guest room and trying to get it ready for company when I took a second look at the storage unit we had purchased from the previous owner. You can see it in her room (on the left) here:

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I didn't want this cabinet taking up space in the already-small guest room, so why not use it as a china cabinet? Let me tell you, getting that cabinet out of that room was quite a challenge! She must have built that thing inside the room, because it is very tall and the house has a very narrow hallway. Poor Scott was basically trapped in the hall closet, holding up this entire cabinet while I directed him down the hallway. The cabinet eventually made it to the kitchen, and I filled it up with my new wedding goods!

As I usually do whenever I make a decorating change, I sent this picture to my mom (thank goodness for iPhones) to get her opinion. Her response? "Great idea! You should take off the doors!"

Um, duh! Of course we should take off the doors. She's brilliant sometimes! The frosted glass doesn't fit the comfy cozy style of our house, and it doesn't show off the cute stuff inside. Scott whipped the doors off and soon I was arranging my favorite kitchen items so they could be on full display. It should be noted that this is the first thing we see when we walk in the back door (the only door we ever use) so it really gets a lot of views. It looks so cute now! I'm so happy with the change and the minimal effort involved...

(And no, Shiner never moves from that spot because she is constantly staring out the french doors and watching the squirrel that she would give anything to hunt down!)

I've got a beautiful white pitcher and two serving bowls from Tar-jay, my Ralph Lauren china (thanks Aunt Joy and Aunt Kim!), champagne glasses from our first toast (thanks Cassandra!), a hammered glass bowl full of pears (thanks Lauren!) and my dotted Kate Spade wine glasses (thanks Mrs. Leeper!). I'm so happy that I found a way to display the lovely gifts we got at the wedding. It's so much better than hiding them in my kitchen cabinets!

Best part of this project? FREE! :)

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