We Bought the House (and some other stuff)

Prior to our first place, Scott and I both had our own places that we shared with roommates. Scott lived in a duplex in his college town with a bunch of furniture we scored really cheaply at a local estate sale. I lived in an apartment with a roommate and had a few good pieces of furniture, but definitely not enough to fill a house!

Luckily for us, the previous owner of the home was downsizing to an apartment in the northeast and was looking to get rid of a lot of her stuff. She asked us if we wanted to go shopping through her house before she had a garage sale, and we jumped at the chance. We wrote down all of the items we were interested in and then made her an offer for all of it. In the end, we paid $700 for the following things (definitely a bargain):
1. A beautiful grill! Scott started salivating over it when we toured her house, and sure enough, she was willing to part with it. Here he is hugging his new favorite man toy (dork):

2. An overstuffed chair and ottoman which have now become my favorite place to sit in the living room. That's the chair on the left in this picture.

3. A sofa table and two end tables (classic, deep brown finish that we really liked with modern hardware)
4. A set of Ikea storage units the previous owner had set up in one of the spare bedrooms that she was using as her office:

As part of the deal we also got a refrigerator, a large mirror, an edger, a trimmer, a set of patio furniture, rakes, brooms and tons of woodworking and gardening tools (basically everything she had hanging on the walls in her garage). Plus, she added her fake Christmas tree for good measure. The tree is in the attic, but I'm excited to pull it down and put it to good use in a few weeks!

Pretty great, right? We have made good use of all the things we bought from her, and hopefully she was grateful that she didn't have to lug it all across the country. Win/win for all of us!
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