Sweet Nugget Love

Before I go much further into this blog, I must introduce the rest of the family. Please meet our oldest fur-baby, a gorgeous Boxer mix named Shiner. We adopted her from a local shelter after she was left in a cardboard box on the side of the road as a puppy.

Shiner, a daddy's girl, is incredibly human. She pouts, she gets jealous, she raises her eyebrows in suspicion- you name the emotion, she feels it and shows it on a regular basis. She's our athlete– she runs graceful, deer-like circles around our other fur-baby. 

First came Shiner, then came Rory. Rory is a boxerdor-pit (1/2 lab, 1/4 boxer, 1/4 pit) that we adopted when we felt like Shiner needed a friend. She's a Craigslist bargain- just $20 for this adorable face:

Rory is a nutcase, but we love her to death. She love-love-loves to cuddle, and she love-love-loves to dig and chew things to death (sigh). She's definitely a mama's girl– she follows me around the house and sits like this right behind me when I do my makeup in the morning (and yes, she always crosses her legs like a proper little lady):

Our favorite nickname for the dogs is "the nuggets." The nuggets are now inseparable sisters who spend their days digging to China in the backyard and fiercely guarding the family from whatever the other side of the fence might hold.  Rory is a true little sister- watching everything Shiner does, following her around, even cleaning her paws for her. Both nuggets are awesome travelers, having made many, many road trips while passed out in the backseat (well, Rory gets carsick sometimes, but she gets that from me)! Bottom line: we <3 our little nuggets!

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