New Obsession: Mod Podge

I have been making paper collages since I was a little girl, so it is a little shocking that I just discovered Mod Podge two weeks ago. I am officially obsessed with this product and have a million ideas for what I want to do with it, but the first reason I bought it was to do my own spin on these super cute these super cute Anthropologie ornaments. I'm a total nerd for typography and reading, so these ornaments were screaming my name. Like most things at Anthro, the price tag was pretty unappealing so I decided to make them myself!

I picked up my supplies at Hobby Lobby: cardboard ornament forms, a hot glue gun and Mod Podge! Then I turned on my crafty switch– which admittedly, hasn't been used in awhile. About halfway through my first ornament, I looked up at my husband with this devilish grin on my face and said, "Um... I'm in love."

Husband: "With me?"

Me: "With Mod Podge." (Crazy giggle.)

Here are my creations so far:

Remember my ode to THE CHAIR? Well, the auctioneers gave me a huge box of vintage books (for free) when I was leaving. I've been carting those books around ever since (much to the husband's chagrin), and I always figured I would make a gorgeous arrangement out of them because they have really neat covers and bindings. However, I ended up using one of them (the ugliest one) for this project. The paper are pages out of the vintage book, and the red dotted paper– I die for polka dots– is some wrapping paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby. 

They look super cute on my tree, and I like the feeling that I made them myself. SCORE!
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