My Studio/Office

When we bought the house, this little office nook was one of our favorite areas. I quickly claimed it as my own, and it started out like this:

To be fair, we had hardly unpacked anything.
 It quickly started to look like this:

The room became a dumping ground for our stuff, so I hung some pretty curtains so I could close off the mess from view. I recently got approved to work from home two days a week, so I needed a cheery, inspiring and functional workspace that wasn't filled with junk. We sold my tiny bookshelf in the garage sale and replaced it with a tall Ikea bookshelf that matched the office furniture we bought from the previous owner. Then we transferred the shelves from the guest room to the office to make almost an entire wall of storage (which I filled with my books, art supplies and scrapbooks).

Now the room is clean, organized and a happy place to be! I love having my own little space and being able to surround myself with photos and objects that inspire my creativity and make me smile. 

In case you are wondering, that awesome pencil (one of my favorite things I own) is from Pottery Barn and that super cool clear easel is from CB2 (a wedding gift from soon-to-be MRS. Angelle Rodriguez)!

My favorite photo of the hubby, my collection of Christian love stories by Janette Oke, some sports books and my Nicholas Sparks collection. What more could a girl need?!

I love a full bookshelf! 
I was captain of the Shady Hill Elementary Book Bowl Team. 
(Nerd power!)

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