Manly Guest Room Makeover

When we bought the house, one of the guest rooms was painted hot pink, complete with glittery flowers. Needless to say, that paint had to go!

The room really belonged to Scott. It was home to his closet and he would be getting ready for work in there everyday (while I was still blissfully asleep in the master bedroom). We decided to go the masculine route with the room's decor. We both love grey, so it was easy to choose the color choice. I wanted to do something a little more interesting than just a solid wall, so I thought it would be really neat to paint horizontal stripes in different shades of gray. We chose a three-color paint strip and went with all three shades on the strip.

I actually went out of town (coaching my team at Nationals) and so Scott had three days to complete the project and "unveil" it to me. He did an awesome job! The horizontal stripes aren't easy to accomplish, but I knew he was so detail-oriented that it would come out really great. I was right!

We added the Ikea painting above the bed instead of buying a headboard, and we liked that it was 
a nice reminder of the fun trip we had to visit my parents in NYC. The curtains are Ikea, too.

The bedspread is from Target (thanks Aunt Cindy!) and the pillows are from HomeGoods. That super cute yellow lamp is a HomeGoods specialty, too. I had seen it there when I was shopping and as soon we bought the painting, I rushed back to see if it was there. It was still there so I snatched it right up!

Those shelves are one of the few things that survived from Scott's college days. I believe they were a Walmart purchase (because the only store his college town has is a Walmart).

That cute little yellow car is explained HERE.

We're not quite finished the guest room, but it's off to a good start. We still need new carpet (and we'd like to hook our guests up with a little TV in there) but that will come later. Meanwhile, the room is something the husband doesn't mind seeing every morning, and that's a lot more than I can about the hot pink room!
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