Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Car = Awesome Wedding Gift!

Have you ever gotten a gift that came out of nowhere and just blew you away with the creativity, thought and effort that was put into it? We got one of those by our front door a few weeks after our wedding... it is truly awesome. Let me explain:

We had the bright yellow Nash Bridges car as our wedding transportation! That's right, Scott got to drive this beautiful and fun machine to the reception and to the hotel!

Unfortunately, Scott didn't have the matching blazer.

It all happened pretty fast. I was hoping to have a vintage car for photo ops- preferably a convertible! I put my dad on the job, and he promised he was looking into it. About a week before the wedding he told me that his friend, "Dreamboat" as we like to call him, had a friend with this car. That lovely man was willing to loan it to us for the night! How fun is that? Here it is on the wedding day:

It was so fun! Anyway, back to the gift. My best friend's dad, Terry, really loved the car. He decided to go find the model car so he could build it for us as a wedding gift! I'm pretty sure he had a do some online searching, but he was able to find it! From what I understand, it was hard to find the right yellow, but he pulled that off and painted it that perfect bright yellow color!

I open up this cardboard box that arrived on my doorstep and wrapped in tissue is this perfect little replica of our wedding car! It was just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. He even tucked some money into the front seat just to make it that much better.

I was seriously blown away by this gift! It was incredibly creative and thoughtful, don't you agree?

One happy coincidence is that we just so happen to have a yellow and grey guest room, so the model car is on full display in there. It's an unexpected memento from the best day we ever had, and we love it so much.

See it on the shelf?

(I know Kelsey and I are adults now, but you will always be Mr. O'Connor to me!)

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  1. Now that’s a wedding car! More than being incredibly thoughtful, this is the best wedding gift ever. Scott must have been elated to drive a cool ride like that on your big day – too bad he didn’t have the matching blazer. Haha! -- Richard @ RDP Chauffeurs

  2. It was so sweet of Terry to remember the exact model of the car you drove on your wedding day! You must’ve felt nostalgic looking at that car. I wonder what happened to the original car that was used on your wedding day. Anyway, I hope both of your will get to drive another one like that again.

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine of Indianapolis

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