The House With Our Own Stuff!

All of the pictures I have shown so far are the house before we moved in, so here are some to show you the space with our own furniture right when we arrived. I call this Phase Two because these were taken a few weeks after we moved in, and it was pre-wedding so we hadn't gotten any wedding gifts yet (thank goodness for Target gift cards)! The look of the house changed after we received some beautiful gifts and had a chance to buy more awesome stuff, as you can imagine.

Here are some of the projects we have tackled since these photos were taken:

1. Built a fence
2. Renovated master bathroom
3. New appliances in kitchen
4. New lighting fixtures
5. New floors in some rooms
6. Guest room makeover (new paint and new everything else)
7. Tons of decorating (new furniture, hanging artwork, adding window treatments, new bedding, new TVs, etc.)

There is so much left to do, but we are taking it one day at a time. I can't wait to show you the beautiful fence my husband built (his "pride and joy" that he can hardly look at because he worked on it so long... and because it's not quite finished yet). Did I mention that during these first few months of home ownership, we also had a little thing called our wedding and the hubby started a brand new job teaching math and coaching football? If it weren't for those two major life events, we might be a lot further along!

If we had a time-lapse video of the living room over the four months we have lived here, you would see that big couch magically accumulate decorative pillows (my weakness).
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