Happy Friday!

It's going to be a busy weekend at our house! On tap:

1. GARAGE SALE. After we moved in, we immediately got married and then football season started. Every once in awhile, the hubby would complain about all the stuff we still had in the garage and I would say, as soon as football season is over, we'll have a garage sale. That would always stop the complaining. Well, guess what, Scott's team lost and his season is over. That means we are having a garage sale. I just hope we get rid of things and maybe score some cash for Christmas decorations! (And I hope the hubby is now able to walk through the garage so he will stop groaning about it.)

2. Build fireplace mantel. We have four adorable Christmas stockings (one for me, husband, nugget #1 and nugget #2), but no mantel. Here is the existing fireplace:

We like the size and the brick just fine... but where can I hang my stockings? Scott and I decided that a rustic wooden shelf would be cool, and I wanted to have wrought iron brackets to hold it up. Lo and behold, my mom has a wooden shelf fireplace that she doesn't like held up with wooden brackets. She volunteered to give it to me, and next thing I know she is sending me iPhone pics of her fireplace mantel torn down and laying on the floor. I guess she was just looking for a reason to get rid of that thing.

I took the parentals to the airport yesterday after they dropped off the mantel. We are digging the wrought iron brackets (custom made- gotta love Texas!) but we don't love the piece of wood used as the shelf. We plan to replace with our own piece of wood.

Here are some inspiration images I found online:

Wish us luck as we try to install the thing using concrete anchors and whatever other wizardry the hubby comes up with. I'm hoping to have those stockings hung by Sunday!

3. Prep for company. My parents, grandpa and aunt are coming for Thanksgiving, so that means we have to get moving on our unfinished projects. We need a bed frame for one bedroom (the poor bed is just sitting on the floor), warmer bedding, etc. We also need to finish patching and flooring the hallway! Oh, and clean the house from top to bottom. Oh, and buy groceries. And... the list goes on and on but I prefer not to think about it. :)

I would probably be losing my sanity right now if I didn't know that the hubby has the full week off next week to help get ready. Company arrives Wednesday morning. It's go-go-go until then!
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