Garage Sale-ing!

This weekend was jam-packed with activity, starting with our first official garage sale. I'll be honest, I was not excited. The only thing energizing me was the thought of getting rid of some stuff and possibly making some cash. We advertised the sale via Craigslist to go from 8-noon, got up at 6 and started putting everything out in the front yard. We also posted signs in our neighborhood.

We feel like we didn't get that much traffic, but we had a few people buy a lot of the stuff, so that was good. We also got to meet some of our neighbors, so that was an added bonus.

Four hours and $300 later, we were ready to call it a day. Check out Scott's garage sale face:

We went to take our signs down and decided that several of them had somehow been ripped down! Our competitors, maybe? Either way, that explains why we didn't get that much traffic.

We still had a bunch of stuff left, so we packed it up and took it to our local donation center. We can now walk in the garage! It's a miracle...

Garage sale = success!
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