FREE Modern Wall Art Project

* UPDATE (6/13/12): Free printables for this project available HERE!

I was perusing the local World Market with my friend Becky when she talked about this neat toilet paper roll craft she had seen on a design blog. It uses toilet paper rolls in a really cool way and can be found HERE.

Talking about that project got my DIY brain rolling, and I immediately thought about these wall flowers that I like at Urban Outfitters HERE. I have seen them used well on my all-time favorite blog right HERE!

Ok, I know $40 isn't that much to spend for wall art, but I was pretty sure I could make them myself. As soon as I got home from shopping with Becky, I got started.

Heavy white cardstock
Thumb tacks

1. The first thing I did was cut my 8x11 pieces of card stock into squares (very unscientfically, without measurement.) If you know me, you know I'm much more likely to wing something than to actually measure it.

2. I took each square and cut it into a four-corner flower, which is super easy. Start in each corner with your scissors, curve in toward the middle of the square (but not all the way), and then halt and curve back outward toward the next corner. If you don't trust yourself to do this, you could easily make a stencil to follow to get a uniform look on each flower.

3. I cut the card stock into smaller squares for the last couple of sheets so that I could have some variation in the size of the flower. Variety is always more visually interesting!

4. I took the petals of each flower and bent them in toward the center so that they would be coming out of the wall and have some extra dimension.

5. I took clear thumb tacks and applied them in a free form pattern above the bed in our master bedroom. It makes me happy every time I see it, and it makes my hubby happy that I didn't leave huge nail holes up on the wall. I also like the clear thumb tacks because when the light catches them just so, they add a little shimmer to the whole effect.

The finished product:

UPDATE: Here are some better pictures of the room now that we have upgraded our bedding and replaced the carpet.

FREE FREE FREE! Nothing makes me happier than something being FREE! Of course, I was lucky to have card stock and thumb tacks laying around, but this could easily be done for under $5 if you had to buy those things.

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