The Fence is DONE!

... and all tied up in a bow!

When football season ended, hubby headed straight out to the backyard to finish his fence, once and for all. He finished adding the trim and sealed it. It is beautiful! Here is the view from our back alley driveway:

Here he is spraying the sealant (with a bug spray pump).

We decided that the fence took so much time and effort that it deserved to be celebrated– so we decided to decorate the fence with lights for Christmas. The fence is really visible because we have a corner lot, so it makes sense to use it as a light display. We did really simple garland (made ourselves, not pre-lit... much more affordable) and red bows. 

The hubby is particularly proud of this complicated, sloped part of the fence:

Part of the reason we added the trim was to keep the nuggets from sticking their head under and barking at whoever passes by, but that hasn't quelled their guard dog enthusiasm. They dig perfect little holes so they can stick their head under the fence- not big enough to escape, but big enough to monitor everything going on outside their fenced-in world. These priceless faces watch us whenever we leave:

Hubby feels like he can do anything after he built this fence. 
Not to worry, I have lots of projects in mind to keep him busy!

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