~ A-Door-Able ~

We haven't done anything major to improve our home's curb appeal, but we have made some small improvements to the front door to personalize the house and make it look more welcoming.

We changed the house numbers right away because for some reason I really didn't like the others. I can't even explain why I needed them gone, but that was one of the first things we did when we moved in!



After (sorry, it got dark!):


We bought two of these beautiful berry wreaths for the doors of the church during our wedding, and I brought one home with me. 


Then I added a classic doormat (thank you, HomeGoods). I thought the half-circle one was too wimpy, and I like how the rectangular one mirrors the shape of the door.

 I "went shopping" at my parent's house and came home with the turquoise stool, the potted plant (fake because I can't take care of a plant to save my life) and the pumpkins. The pumpkins added the little festive touch I was looking for, but they will go away as soon as I begin the Christmas decorations. I love it that my mom always buys too much stuff and that my dad is always anxious to give it away!

What do you think? Have any good ideas for changing this up for Christmas?

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