Counter to Popular Belief...

... granite is not always the best option for kitchen countertops. In our case, granite is really too pricey for our house– we probably wouldn't get the return on the investment when we sell the house. The hubby and I watch a lot of HGTV (Holmes on Homes for him, Sarah's House and Divine Design for me) and we kept seeing the advertisements for the HD laminate countertops. We thought it might be a good option but sort of pushed it to the back of our heads because we hadn't seen it in person. Then we stumbled upon some at the local Home Depot and thought it was really, really snazzy.

It definitely had way more style than the average laminate countertop, and the price tag was super appealing. The galley-style layout of our kitchen meant we wouldn't have to cut any angles or do any fancy installation, so we knew we could do it ourself. We snatched up two long sheets of this:

(via www.homedepot.com)

We were particularly drawn to the elegant "postformed full wrap edge." Compared to the other laminate options where you have to glue a strip to the edge, this was an amazing upgrade. We knew we did well when my friend Choi came over and asked, "When did you get the granite countertops?" (Fist pump!)

Papa Bostic came over and helped hubby yank out the old beige laminate counters (yawn) and install the new ones. I was out shopping with my mom (our usually activity while the men are ripping things up at the house) but the guys said it went off without a hitch. My mom and I grabbed a beautiful new faucet for the kitchen to finish off the countertop upgrade, and it makes a huge difference. I bought it for the style but the function is amazing- the soft stream/power stream options, plus the built in soap dispenser, are all awesome features. How did I ever wash dishes without this faucet?!



(You may notice that one side of the cabinet is lacking the new decorative moulding... 
We ran out and still haven't finished it. 
Scott blames this on his lack of a table saw (which Santa might be handling). 
No more excuses! 

The plan is to paint the cabinets an ivory/off white and to add a tumbled marble backsplash. I think it will really make the kitchen feel bigger and bring out the color in those new countertops! Can't wait to see the kitchen completed... 


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