"THE" Chair

I would like to take a moment to honor one of my favorite pieces of furniture: THE chair. Not just any chair, but my special, one-of-a-kind chair that makes me smile every time I look at it.

The story of THE chair: Scott was going to college in a very small Texas town, and I was down visiting one weekend. He had just moved into a new place with some friends, and they had absolutely no furniture. One of the houses down the street was having an estate sale, so we decided to go and see if we could find any furniture for the boys. It was a 1950s ranch in an old, established neighborhood. I walked into the house and saw a perfectly preserved mid-century house with some really cool mid-century furniture. THE chair was sitting discreetly in the corner of the living room. The moment I saw it, I got very, very excited. It was an auction though, so I chose not to show my emotions and hope no one else saw the potential in this chair.

I was an avid reader of Domino magazine and had just so happened to see this chair in the latest issue:

(Pic taken from Domino Magazine)

THE chair was almost exactly the same design! Look!

(In my old apartment)

When the auctioneer got to the chair, he asked, "Any bids?"
"Five dollars," I said (still playing it cool and acting like I didn't really have to have the chair).
"Five dollars? Anyone else?" he asked the group.
"SOLD for five dollars to the young lady!"
*Happy dance*

That's right, I paid $5 for this awesome chair. I get compliments on it from everyone who sees it– probably because its design and upholstery are so unique. I may love this chair, but my nuggets love it even more:

Oh, how I love THE chair. 
THE chair will be reupholstered soon because that funky fabric is officially worn out. 
Stay tuned!
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