The Bold and the Brassy

Our house is blessed with some seriously great ceiling fans in almost every room. They work really well and have been a big reason why our utility bills have been very low. The only problem with them is that, well, they're brassy. To me, a brassy fan looks dated. I'm working on changing them out throughout the house, but so far I have only gotten to the main ones in the living room and dining room.

I found it strange that the dining room had a ceiling fan in the first place– why not a brassy, dated chandelier instead? I was wanting a chandelier and spent weeks and weeks looking at them online. My first instinct was a modern crystal chandelier like this beauty from West Elm:

(taken from the West Elm website)

There were a couple of problems with this. Number one: at $300, it wasn't really budget friendly. Number two: it would have to be hung from the ceiling in two different places and we only had one existing hole from the ceiling fan, so that would take reconfiguring the ceiling (and I didn't want to). Plus it seemed like it would be a pain to get the chandelier hanging level, and I could see my anal-retentive husband stressing over that for hours (and then getting frustrated and telling me to take it back)! All of the other crystal ones I found were either a) too expensive, b) too modern or c) too girly to get approval from the husband. Anyway, I didn't go with a crystal option, but maybe I'll get to in my next house!

We ended up picking a cheap, classic chandelier from the lovable orange behemoth down the road- Home Depot. Here it is:

Our living room was pretty dark and had no overhead lighting except for two tiny pocket lights that illuminated the fireplace, so we decided to replace the ceiling fan with a new one that had lights.  The rewiring took a couple of tries, but eventually we got it. It's so nice having more light in that room, and the new chandelier is much better looking than the brassy burnout we had before.  

Action shot!

There are three other brassies waiting to be replaced, but I'm content with replacing these two for now!
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