Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to bargain shop. I take major pride in finding a good deal, so Black Friday is a day that I prepare for carefully. I do all my online research so that I can know which stores are offering the best deals and do what I can to take advantage of the discounts (even if it means braving some shopping mayhem).

I was pretty excited that so many stores were bringing their Black Friday deals online this year- including one of our usual haunts, Lowe's. I befriended Lowe's on Facebook so I could get a sneak peek at the deals, and sure enough they were offering some things we were definitely interested in!

Here are the deals we ended up with:

Tradesman 10" Table Saw for the hubby- $59 (60% off)
Apparently these sold out in 20 minutes at 5 a.m. in the store, so we were feeling pretty 
smart that we ordered ours online. We used the "free in-store pickup" option, and our table 
saw was sitting there waiting for us all by itself after the dust had cleared on Saturday.

Maglite Aluminum Flashlight- $15 (50% off)
We don't own a flashlight and hubby wanted a nice one, so this was a convenient purchase.

We bought those two items on Thanksgiving day through the Lowe's website, and I also had my eyes on this door hardware that was super-discounted. I wanted to replace our brass hardware with something more updated, and the price was definitely right. Unfortunately I could not find them in any of our DFW stores, so I had to wait until customer service was available on Black Friday.

Gatehouse Aged Bronze Entrance Handleset- $28 (75% off)

I called the Lowe's website on Friday. They were able to find the entrance handleset and 
the smaller entrance knobs for the back door, but not the 13 interior doorknobs I needed. 
They said I would have to work with my local store. 

It turned into a crazy treasure hunt- right up my alley!
Where, oh where, could these doorknobs be, oh where, oh where could they be?!
All in all, I probably had seven different phone conversations with Lowe's while I was trying to find what I needed. They were sold out nationwide. We ended up getting some interior knobs that weren't as discounted as these, but they were close. When I explained how much effort I had been through to find these knobs, our local Lowe's gave me 10% off as a consolation. Their customer service was really great throughout the process.

We ended up spending $200 to replace the doorknobs in the entire house. A regular priced entry doorknob for the front door normally costs $140 by itself, so we got quite a steal- 15 door handles for $200. Yay Black Friday!

The deals didn't stop there. We made an in-person visit to our local Lowe's on Friday to see what else they had, and hubby ended up buying himself a compressor/nail gun combo:

2 Gallon Air Compressor with Nailer & Accessory Kit- $59 (40% off)

As we always do, we found the Lowe's clearance section to see if there were any amazing deals. We didn't see anything, but a manager came up to us and asked if she could help. 

There was a cute storage shelf my mom wanted for her first grade classroom, but it was $55. 
The manager took out her Sharpie and wrote $5- "Take it!" 

The manager was on a roll. "What about this mirror?" I asked. It was $90- she marked it down to $8!
It wasn't until I took it out of the box that I realized how pretty it is! Check out that beading detail...

Last but not least, the manager marked this cute shelf from $30 to $5. I don't have a little girl, but my friend Amanda has two small daughters with a pink room, so I snatched it up for her.

Don't you love it when you go to a store and the manager is slashing prices by 90% and practically throwing them in your cart? I know I do! 

**Until we meet again, Black Friday!**
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