DIY Garage Floor Upgrade

The husband has been wanting to paint his garage floor for a long time. I've always resisted this idea because, really, who cares about the garage floor?

Whenever I said that my husband would reply, "Who cares about curtains? Who cares about throw pillows? Who cares about coffee table books?"

Hmm... Fair enough!

Anyway, he finally got around to painting the garage floor a couple weeks ago and I must say, it looks fantastic. It really sets off the freshly painted walls and makes the space look very custom, which is what he wanted. The garage is his happy place and he takes such good care of it, so he really deserves this fancy floor. I'm glad he finally talked me into it!

Here's the garage floor before the paint, just for reference:

I originally questioned whether we would get the return on our investment for this project, but I definitely think the money was well-spent. I know my husband was swayed by garages when we were house hunting, and I have no doubt that others value that space as well when they are making buying decisions. You never know, our garage might be the cherry on top for someone when we decide to sell this place!

In case you're wondering what's happening in that photo above, my husband thought, "Why stop at painting the floor? Why not add cedar baseboards and crown moulding, too?" Sometimes it blows my mind how much he loves working on his garage. Man cave, indeed.

Also, how cool is that orange hose thingamabob in the photo above? It connects his nail gun to the air compressor so he can work all over the garage without dragging the compressor around. It's a pretty handy little tool.

Here are a couple more photos of the new floor in action...

How We Did It

It's a pretty simple process, but unfortunately I don't have photos because he did this project while I was at work.

Let's start with the supplies. We used the most affordable floor paint we could find, Seal Krete Epoxy Seal Concrete Garage and Floor Paint. It didn't have the best reviews, but we knew we were going to go over it with a high-quality protective clear coat (Rustoleum Epoxy Shield Premium Clear Coating Floor Coating Kit, which has great reviews) at the end, so we were OK with using lower-quality paint underneath. Our paint vendor had a limited selection of colors, so we chose the darkest blue they offered. We bought two gallons of floor paint and one floor coating kit, which was enough for  one coat of the blue color and one protective clear coat.

Now, the next step is my favorite part. If you want your garage to look really fancy, you simply must use this product I call "man glitter." (Picture me following the husband around our local hardware store, singing about his beautiful "man glitter." Let's just say he was annoyed, which made it all the more enjoyable for me!)

When painting the floor, you have to do small sections at a time, and then stop to sprinkle the wet floor with the Valspar Color Flakes. It takes a little bit more time than just painting, but I think it's well worth the extra effort. We only needed one bottle for our entire garage floor.

The paint has to be left alone for 24 hours to make sure it sets before the clear coat, and then the clear coat needs 72 hours to seal. You can see the sandy texture in the photo above, which prevents slipping when the floor is wet from the rain. That's the anti-skid additive that comes with the Rustoleum premium floor coating kit.

Before clear coat:

After clear coat:

Our total cost for materials was about $200 for this project, which isn't too bad. I'll be sure to follow up every so often to let you know how the paint is holding up, since right now I can't really comment on the durability.

So what do you think, is it money well spent? Would you paint your garage floor?

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DIY Bar Stool Makeover

Remember these bar stools we bought for $40 each at the flea market in Round Top?

I loved the classic design, but I didn't like the cherry finish and the plastic-y toile seat cushions. Once we finally had a free weekend, we decided to refinish these chairs.

I'm not going to gloss over this part and act like it was easy. It wasn't.  It's SO tedious. It felt like it took forever to sand these chairs. The inside of those circle designs? Nightmare. I can't really complain because the husband did 75% of the sanding work, but still.  Sometimes refinishing furniture just isn't very fun.

We had some grey-ish stain left over from other projects, so we used it to give the chair a grey wash. It was already so much of an improvement. Then we reupholstered the seats with some leftover geometric fabric.

Ahhhh. So. Much. Better.

We had one chair done for about a month, and this past weekend we finally got around to finishing the other one.

I'm actually surprised at how well they turned out. If I saw these in Home Goods, I would definitely want to buy them. Then again, the bleached wood with geometric blue fabric is a combo I will fall for every single time.

I really like how the wood finish of the bar stools ties into my special pear window mirror above the sink. They both add a certain warmth to the kitchen that makes it feel so cozy.

If you're shopping for bar stools, here's my advice: Get a stool with a foot rest. It's so much more comfortable. I didn't really understand that element until I upgraded to these bar stools. Now I can sit at my kitchen peninsula and work all day without my knees getting stiff. Thumbs up to that!

What have you been working on lately? We have several projects in the works. My mom will be moving in with us in a month or so, and we're giving her two of our guest rooms so she can have both a bedroom and a living space. We're working on painting those rooms, adding crown moulding and recessed lighting so they can be really nice for her. We don't know how long we'll be in this living arrangement, but I want her to be as comfortable as possible. Our life has changed a lot in the past six weeks, and we need to adapt our house to this new living situation. I'll keep you posted on those projects as we go along.

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And then some.

Before he died suddenly in a car accident about a month ago, my dad listened as his pastor urged his fellow Christians to live an “and then some” type of life.

What does it mean to live an “and then some” life? The pastor described that as Christians, we should strive to “always do what is expected, and then some.”

After my dad went to be with the Lord, that same pastor came to our home to comfort us. My mom told him that my dad had loved that sermon so much and couldn't stop talking about it! We laughed, and we cried. Of course our dad loved that message: That was how he lived his life every single day.

My sweet mom and dad, while they were dating in college. Handsome couple, no?

Don Bostic had been living an “and then some” life long before he heard that sermon, dedicating himself to helping others whenever he could. He never knew how to do anything halfway, and he showed his love for others through selfless acts of service.

My dad playing for the Florida Gators, circa 1975

We have been inspired by our dad to live an “and then some” life. We created these simple rubber bracelets as a daily reminder to go the extra mile, like Dad would have done. If the "and then some" life is an idea you can get behind and you'd like a bracelet, please send me an email with your address to jgrantham106@gmail.com. I would love to spread this message near and far with this bracelet!
Matthew 5:41 reads, "If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles." Can you imagine how beautiful this world would would be if we all added the "and then some" to everything we did? If we placed others before ourselves? If we looked for opportunities to help one another instead of looking the other way?

My dad, always the workhorse, helping Scott install tile in the den.

Daddy's girl

Ever since he left us, I have wanted to talk about my dad. I guess everyone copes differently, and I immediately wanted to tell people about him - what he was like, what he taught me, his ridiculous addiction to Mountain Dew Slurpees, his Jersey Boys cell phone ringtone - I love the memories I have with my dad. If you'd like to read the eulogy I delivered at his memorial service, I posted it to my personal Facebook page.

Thank you for being so patient and kind with me this past month. It means so much.

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